This is a developers' guide for setting up a LiveLike SDK configuration for native iOS apps. We will take you through the basic technical steps for configuration and show you how to send your first widgets and chat messages. We will also provide detailed samples and instructions for a complete LiveLike integration.


The Engagement SDK gives you control over the types of logs that are printed. This can be helpful to debug unexpected behavior or for reporting a bug to The different logging levels are:

  • Verbose - Highly detailed level of logging, best used when trying to understand the working of a specific section/feature of the Engagement SDK.
  • Debug - Information that is diagnostically helpful to integrators and Engagement SDK developers.
  • Info - Information that is always useful to have, but not vital.
  • Warning - Information related to events that could potentially cause oddities, but the Engagement SDK will continue working as expected.
  • Error - An error occured that is fatal to a specific operation/component, but not the overall Engagement SDK.
  • Severe - A fatal issue occured, from which the Engagement SDK cannot recover.
  • None - No logging enabled.

The default level is None.

EngagementSDK.logLevel = .verbose
[LLEngagementSDK setLogLevel:Verbose];

Common Errors

If you've received the error “Failed to initialize the Engagement SDK. '[your client ID]' is not a valid client id.” , when trying to initialize the Engagement SDK, please ensure that the Client ID used in your application matches the one given in the Producer Site.

If you've received the error “[your program ID] is not a valid program ID” , please refer back to program ID instructions.

Dependency Conflicts

EngagementSDK relies on some third party and open source dependencies. The specific dependencies and supported versions can be found in the corresponding podspec and cartfile. If your application uses any of the listed dependencies, both Carthage and CocoaPods will attempt to resolve any conflict automatically by using latest version that satisfies all constraints.

We do recognize that there may be situations where this is not possible. LiveLike will make efforts to support the latest versions of all the listed dependencies. If, however, you encounter a situation where dependency conflict resolution is not automatic, please feel free to reach out to our support team.

Contacting LiveLike Support

If you've been unable to solve your problem with the help of the sections above, please feel free to contact the LiveLike support team at