Web engagementsdk v2.32.1


iOS v2.54

What's New?

Web engagementsdk v2.32.0

  • Added toggle property showFilteredMessages in component livelike-chat to show/hide messages with banned words in a chat room
  • Added boolean param includeFilteredMessages in API getMessageList to include messages with banned words in the message list
  • Fix incorrect user reaction count in livelike-chat element in case of stale/invalid reaction.

Android SDK v2.57

Bug Fix

Web engagementsdk v2.31.0

What's New:

Android SDK v2.56.1

Whats New?

iOS SDK 2.52

Whats New?

Web engagementsdk v2.30.0

Release Notes:

Android SDK v2.55

Whats New?

iOS SDK 2.51.2

What's New?