Web react-native v0.0.1-alpha.5

What's new:

Android SDK 2.69.1

What's New

Android SDK 2.69

What's New

iOS SDK v2.61

What's New

Web engagementsdk v2.38.0

What's New?

Android SDK 2.65

What's New

Web react-native v0.0.1-alpha.4


Web react-native v0.0.1-alpha.3

  • Added new components: LLBasePicker, LLStickerPicker, LLChatMessageMenu, LLChatMessageMenuOption, LLChatBanner, LLChatBannerItem, LLGifPicker, LLGifPickerHeader, LLReactionPicker, LLReactionPickerItem, LLReactionCounts and LLReactionCountsDetail
  • Added new hooks: useStickerPack, useStickerPicker, useMessageItemPopover, useBanner, useGifPicker, useReactions, useUserReactions, useStyles and useTheme
  • Added LLChat Stock UI functionalities to:
    • add a sticker message
    • add a GIF message
    • react to message
    • delete own message
    • block user profile
    • display banner for moderation based success or failure responses
  • Added support for light/dark theme
  • Improved Stock UI/UX for Chat Composer and Chat Messages
  • Added possibility for fully customisable integration

Web javascript v0.0.1-alpha.2

Whats New:

iOS SDK v2.60.1

Bug Fixes