Engagement SDK

LiveLike’s Audience Engagement Suite gives broadcasters and rights holders a powerful social and editorial toolset for activating their mobile and web users.


Explore by Steps

This is a developers' guide for setting up an LiveLike SDK configuration for native iOS apps.
We will take you through the basic technical steps for configuration and show you how to send your first widgets and chat messages. We will provide detailed samples and instructions for a complete LiveLike integration.

Engaging Interactions

Interactive widgets use a mix of editorial content driven by the CMS, and casual game-like gestures to engage users through the course of a live broadcast, with a goal of increasing session times.

  • KirkSpeed717
    Welcome to the men's club πŸ˜‚
  • CarolynGraham
    The blues πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
  • Never πŸ›‘ Racing44
  • Me (Silverdog318)
    Let's repeat the history Yes We can
  • ZeRo
  • Aqiel
    Why Yedlin!!! Why?!! 😭😭
  • CarolynGraham
  • KirkSpeed717
    Welcome to the national flop league πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  • Me (Silverdog318)
    Let's repeat the history!

Customizable Style

Chat input field style, corner shapes, chat body background, chat font/size/color, and randomized username list are all customizable. Chat UI can also be resized or be configured to be shown or hidden by the end user.

Use Cases
import EngagementSDK
#import < EngagementSDK-Swift.h >
 val engagementSDK = LiveLikeSDK(BuildConfig.LIVELIKE_CLIENT_ID, applicationContext)
LiveLikeSDK engagementSDK = new LiveLikeSDK(BuildConfig.LIVELIKE_CLIENT_ID, applicationContext);
// ES6
import LiveLike from '@livelike/engagementsdk'

// CommonJS
const LiveLike = require('@livelike/engagementsdk')

We Love Developers

Our solution is designed to be as easy to integrate as possible. Integrating developers are important users to us, and we take their feedback very seriously when deploying new features and updates.

Engagement Studio

Utilize our growing library of widgets to engage your audience at key moments in the broadcast. Develop editorial and branded content that is easily shared in real-time to help create network effects.

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