GraphQL v0.8.0

Changes Summary

Based on the GraphQL schema, here are the release changes. This schema introduces a variety of types, inputs, interfaces, and enums designed to enhance the GraphQL API's capabilities, particularly focusing on Badge, Reward, Profile. Below is a structured documentation to outline these changes:

Release Changes


  • badges: Get all badges by application ID.
  • badgeProgress: Get a non earned badge progress by badge and profile ID.
  • earnedBadges: Get all earned badges by profile ID.
  • awardBadge: Create an award badge for profile.
  • revokeEarnedBadge: Revoke earned badge for profile.


  • rewardTable: Get a reward table by ID.
  • rewardTables: Get all reward tables by application ID.
  • createRewardTable: Create reward table.
  • updateRewardTable: Update reward table by ID.
  • deleteRewardTable: Delete reward table by ID.
  • linkRewardTableWithProgram: Link reward table with program ID.
  • unlinkRewardTableWithProgram Unlink reward table with program ID.
  • invokeRewardAction: Invoke a reward action.


Type Profile is extended to contain relation type to profileRelationship

  • field incomingProfileRelationships: Get incoming profile relationships.
  • field outgoingProfileRelationships: Get outgoing profile relationships.