Web engagementsdk v2.55.0

What’s new:

  • introduced renderMessageList , renderLoadPrevMessageButton , renderComposer methods for integrators to override livelike-chat web components allowing them to customize livelike-message-list , load previous button and livelike-chat-composer .
  • exposed LiveLikeChatComposer , LiveLikeMessageList , LivelikeChatMessageAvatar , LiveLikeGiphyPicker , LiveLikeStickerPicker , LiveLikeQuoteMessageItem , LiveLikeChatMessageItem , LiveLikeMessageListScrollDown, LiveLikeMessageMenu and LiveLikeConfirmation web components from livelike-chat.
  • added params to send reward_item_amount and reward_item_id in options for createImagePredictionWidget API.
  • added param pageSize to getLeaderboardEntries API which would enable integrators to fetch leaderboard enteries based on page size.


  • removed pubnub dependency for showing reactions in livelike-chat.