Web react-native v0.0.1-alpha.5

What's new:

  • introduced new hooks and refactored existing ones to let integrators easily reuse our component state.
  • enable customisation of LLGifHeader, LLStickerPack, LLBasePicker.
  • align UI components styles based on updated Stock UX design.
  • introduced new component - LLThemeSwitch, LLMessageListEmptyComponent.
  • improved rendering performance by moving from maintaining top level state to micro store based implementation (approach similar to nanostores).


  • chat message list auto scrolling issue in different scenarios for eg: when keyboard is shown or hidden.
  • empty message list error in react-native 0.71.x
  • null entries error in gif picker
  • keyboard offset issue in IOS (integrators are now required to wrap LLChat component with SafeAreaView and KeyboardAvoidingView, refer LLChat docs for details)