react-native v0.0.1-alpha.23

What’s New:

  • added feature to allow integrators to inject their own Analytics provider. It will have a track function which takes two parameters, Event name and track Object associated with that event. Refer react native analytics for details.
  • introduced useAnalytics hook to enable integrators to set custom analytics provider.
  • introduced useChatMessageMenuItemAction hook. This actions returns functions which are executed when user clicks moderation menu items.
  • introduced useDebounce hook which returns a function that delays the execution of provided function until a provided time period.
  • introduced useTrackKeyboardEffect which attaches event listener to keyboard and executes trackEvent function when the keyboard is selected and hidden.
  • introduced useUserReactionActions hook. This hook returns functions which are executed when user add or remove reactions.
  • introduced useWidgetInteractedAnalytics hook. It is used to track Widget Interacted analytics event.
  • introduced useWidgetSubmitAction hook, enabling the tracking of Widget Submitted analytics events and managing widget interaction submit action. It internally calls createWidgetInteractionAction to ensure analytics tracking is called upon successful resolution.