Does /send-a-custom-chat-message accept an imageURL?

The params in /send-a-custom-chat-message accept a string. Could you please tell me whether it accepts an image as well?

Flutter Support

Hello LiveLike Team, Is there a specific rationale for discontinuing support for Flutter? Considering Flutter's rapid growth, I had envisioned developing an application with support for the Livelike SDK. Could you potentially consider extending support to Flutter in the future? If so, when can we anticipate a release?

My Implementation for getComments was working until a few days ago

Below is what I see as my Request URL <> Notice it has double comment_board_id values. If I test via postman with this URL <> It works fine. Please am I missing something?

createProfileRelationship returns an error

createProfileRelationship returns the following error ![]( i.e Object with key=follow does not exist. I followed the exact implementation in the documentation: LiveLike.createProfileRelationship({ relationshipTypeKey: "follow", toProfileId: "<Profile ID>", fromProfileId: "<Profile ID>", }).then((profileRelationship) => console.log(profileRelationship)) Am I doing anything wrong?

How to update the "custom_data" in userProfile

LiveLike.updateUserProfile does not provide a way for me to update the custom_data returned in LiveLike userProfile. Please how do I get this working?

Issue with multiple event listener (Android + react-native + javascript SDK).

Hi Live like team, we have some issue around setting up multiple event listeners. We have requirement of multiple private chat rooms between user and for each chat room we need to setup a listener which is causing hang issue in android devices. Needed clarity on these points - 1- Do we need to setup new event listener for every new chat room? 2- Is there any alternative way for doing it when we can have multiple chat rooms (private chat room).

How to destroy live like javascript sdk?

I need to reset javascript sdk on logout.

How to update live like profile image?

We are trying to update profile image of live like user but there is no way we founded using javascript sdk. Also we needed sender_image_url in message event.

Show widget as message in livelike-chat component

Hello, as I understand from docs (, your SDK does not support showing any widget component as message in a chat, does it? If possible, please tell me how to implement it.

Integration with modern frameworks like React or Vue.js

How does one integrate LiveLike to a modern website, which does not use just vanilla js? What about TypeScript support?