Integration with modern frameworks like React or Vue.js

How does one integrate LiveLike to a modern website, which does not use just vanilla js? What about TypeScript support?

Customising Web SDK chat via CSS

The documents mention that the chat can be customised via css as Custom Theme's do not yet support the chat. Can you point me to the CSS Property Reference as the link from appears to be broken?

Integrating LiveLike chat with Vue web application

I'm running into problems integrating the live chat with our Vue application, getting the warning `[Vue warn]: Failed to resolve component: livelike-chat`. I believe the problem stems from the fact that LiveLike init creates the chat into a `<livelike-chat>` element but Vue sees the `<livelike-chat>` tag and attempts to find a LivelikeChat component. Is it possible to configure LiveLike chat to use a different element with a class or ID identifier so that Vue won't try to resolve it to a component? Something like `<div id="livelike-chat"></div>`

How do I integrate with my own analytics platform?

How can I integrate analytics data coming from LiveLike into my own analytics provider? If I am using a service like Segment, Google Analytics, Firebase, etc. already, how can I add LiveLike data to it?

What kind of analytics data does LiveLike capture?


Video playback performance

What effects can the LiveLike SDK have on my video player or video playback performance?

Customize IDs generated by LiveLike

Can the resource IDs like profile, program, or chat room IDs generated by LiveLike be changed or controlled by an integration?

Supported platforms and browsers

Which operating systems, platforms, and browser versions are supported by the SDKs?

Which platforms does the SDK support?

Which platforms are officially supported by the LiveLike SDK?

Image sizes and formats in widgets

What image sizes and formats can I use when creating widgets?