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Chat Moderation Tools

Moderating chat inside the CMS

Delete Messages

Chat messages can be removed directly from chats when inside the Producer Suite. Open the message actions menu by clicking the more options icon next to the message, and then select Delete.

Open the message actions menu for the message, and select Delete.

User Reports

Users in chat can report messages, and those reports will show in the Moderation tab for that chat in the Producer Suite. Open the report actions menu, and select Remove to delete the reported message, or Dismiss the report if it is invalid.

Remove the message, or dismiss the report from the Moderation tab.

Automatic Moderation

Chat messages can be automatically filtered based on their contents so that the moderation effort can be reduced. Automatic filters can be set up to work in a couple ways:

  • Keyword-driven. If a message contains a word from a list of bad words, it will be filtered. The word lists can be customized.
  • AI-driven. If a message is recognized by an AI model as being objectionable, it will be filtered.


Contact support to set up and configure automatic chat moderation.

Updated 3 months ago

Chat Moderation Tools

Moderating chat inside the CMS

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