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Session Management

Start a Content Session

A Content Session represents a user's subscription to a particular program (typically a live, linear TV show, game or episode). To start a Content Session you will need a Program ID. Integrating teams are expected to create programs within the LiveLike system, either through the API or through the Producer Suite. The team should then copy the Program IDs into the relevant media metadata in their own systems, so that content sessions can be started along with media playback.

Starting a Session

val session = engagementSDK.createContentSession("<program-id >")
ContentSession session = engagementSDK.createContentSession("<program-id>");
WidgetView widgetView = findViewById(;
ChatView chatView = findViewById(;


It is recommended to keep the session object separated from the activity lifecycle. If your session is destroyed (eg: Orientation change) the Widget and Chat state will be lost and the services disconnected.

If you are using a ViewModel it is a good practice to create the Content Session here.

Pause a Content Session

Content Sessions can be paused to temporarily ignore all incoming Widgets and Chat messages until resumed. This can be useful if you need to display an advertisement without overlay from the Engagement SDK, as an example.


Removes all widgets on screen

When you pause or close a Content Session all widgets on screen will be removed, even if the user was interacting.




Close a Content Session

When the user returns to your application's home page and away from your live video screen you will want to close the ContentSession. Closing a session will disconnect from Widgets and Chat and release all the related resources.
NOTE: Once the session is closed, you cannot use the same session object again.


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Session Management

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