Core Concepts

The LiveLike SDK converts the experience of watching live video from a passive one to an active one. Producers publish interactive content related to the video, and audience members can watch with others and communicate through chat, reactions and more. The SDKs don't provide a video player or require any specific player, but they do provide plug-ins for common players to support advanced features like spoiler prevention.


The various interactive elements that get published during live video are called widgets. The library of widgets is always expanding and features things like polls, quizzes, and predictions. Widgets are usually published by a producer using the Producer Suite, but they can also be published through the REST API. See Widgets for more info.



LiveLike offers a chat experience that can be customized to offer public and group chat. Public rooms are open to anybody, group chats are limited to members that have access to the group.

Public chat creates a sense of excitement around the video with lots of reactions around the action. Group chat reduces app switching and enables friends to watch together. See Chat for more info.


Spoiler Prevention

There's often nothing worse than an ill-timed spoiler when you're watching a nail-biting finish. The engagement SDK was built with spoiler prevention in mind. User interactions are tied to events in the video feed, thereby minimizing the chances that users see spoilers in producer-driven widgets or chat messages from others. See Spoiler Prevention for more info.

User Profiles

Profiles are used to collect user activity within widgets, chat and other features, inside a single identity. Profiles can be provisioned arbitrarily, and so they can be used to either extend your existing user account records or build anonymous experiences. See Profiles for more info.