Collaborate with team members on integrations

Organizations enable you and and your team to manage the different aspects of experiences powered by LiveLike such as editorial content, community moderation, gamification mechanics, and integration settings.

Each member of your team has an account, and an account can be a member of one or more organizations. Each organization owns a set of applications and team members. Team members can have different roles, like admin and chat moderator, that define what operations those they may perform on resources belonging to the organization.

Member roles

Each team member of an organization has a role. Their role defines what they're allowed to do within LiveLike.


Admins can customize the organization details such as name and logo, invite other team members, and change other members' roles. Admins may also manage all available features.


Members have full management access to each available feature.

Chat Moderator

Chat Moderators may manage existing chat rooms. They can participate in discussions, act on user reports, and use tools like bans and mutes to uphold community standards.

Chat Admin

Chat Admins have the same abilities as chat moderators, and may also create new chat rooms and delete existing ones.

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