Spoiler Prevention (Android)

Preventing spoilers on Android

Enabling Sync

This feature enables you to publish spoiler-free content with the Engagement SDK. When enabled, all published content from the Producer Suite (see Stream Requirements) and chat messages will be synced with Live video. Note that we don't currently support VOD. To enable sync, you will need to provide a value that represents the date/time of your media player's current playback position.

To enable sync, include a method to the createSession that returns the current live timecode.

val session = engagementSDK.createContentSession("<program-url>", object:LiveLikeSDK.TimecodeGetter{
  override fun getTimecode(): EpochTime {
    return EpochTime(player.bufferedPosition)
LiveLikeContentSession session = liveLikeSDK.createContentSession("<program-url>", new LiveLikeSDK.TimecodeGetter() {
  public EpochTime getTimecode() {
    return new EpochTime(player.getEpochTime());

ExoPlayer Sync Plugin

While the overriding mechanism described above is fairly simple, we also provide an ExoPlayer plugin that automatically handles the sync override. The plugin has the following stream prerequisites:

Add the following to your build.gradle to install the plugin:

implementation 'com.livelike.android-engagement-sdk:pluginexoplayer:<<current-android-version>>'

Once the session is initialized, you can pass your Exoplayer instance directly and get your HLS stream synchronized with widgets and chat. The plugin will get the timecode from the Program-Date-Time tags included in your HLS manifest.

val session = engagementSDK.createExoplayerSession(
  object : PlayerProvider {
    override fun get(): SimpleExoPlayer? {
      return getPlayer()
import static com.livelike.livelikepreintegrators.ExoplayerPreintegratorKt.createExoplayerSession;

LiveLikeContentSession session = createExoplayerSession(liveLikeSDK, () -> getPlayerInstance(), "<program-url>");