Best Practices

How to get the most out of your integration

General Tips

  • Call attention to new features when they launch. Users will often miss new features in an app unless it catches their attention. If your integration is a new section of an existing navigation, style that nav item differently or add a badge so that users see something is new.
  • Allow users to discover new features before live events. A user might find a new feature before the event itself is live. Take the opportunity to allow them to sign up for an email or push reminder to bring them back later.

Public Chat

  • Have an emergency plan. Large livestream chats can get out of control even with automated and manual moderation happening. Think about adding a failsafe just in case.

Influencer Chat

  • Let users know when new messages arrive. If the influencer chat isn't always on screen, such as when it's inside a secondary tab or closed drawer, use a badge or notification to let users know new content is available.
  • Consider the ordering of new messages. In a live-blog style, users are more accustomed to new posts appearing at the top of the feed. In a conversational style, users expect to see new messages appear at the bottom.
  • Make it appointment viewing. Let users know what time to join with marketing campaigns. Allow users who discover the feature early to sign up for reminders.

Timeline Widgets

  • Let users know when new widgets are available. If the timeline is off screen, show a counter or notification letting users know there are new widgets to engage with.


  • Allow varying leagues of competition. An occasional user may be intimidated by a season-long leaderboard. A mix of multiple simultaneous leaderboards with varying durations allows for both dedicated and casual users to compete.