Get Widget Interactions

Getting widget interaction url

In order to make a widget interaction request you will need an access token.

The url can be retrieved using two of the following ways.

  1. From the response of the widgets request in the program resource mentioned in the Listing Widgets section, under the property widget_interactions_url_template. This url, when used in a GET request with a profile_id as the path param, will always return the first page of widget interactions, which includes interactions for all widgets.
  2. Specific widgets can also be fetched by adding the query params of the widget kind as the key, with the matching widget id as the value. For example ?image_quiz_id=f1cb8aa8-941c-4278-92f5-127a70945ff6
  3. Interactions for widgets of a specific kind can be fetched using the widget_kind param. For example ?widget_kind=text-poll.
  4. Every widget interaction result will contain properties next and previous. These are optional urls that can be used in conjunction with your access token to retrieve more leaderboard entries.
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