List Leaderboard Entries

A user that competes is considered a leaderboard entry. Retrieving leaderboard entries returns a paginated list of twenty leaderboard entry objects at maximum.

Getting leaderboard entry url
In order to make a leaderboard entries request you will need to acquire a leaderboard entries url and an access token. A leaderboard entries url can be retrieved using two of the following ways.

  1. From the response of the leaderboard detail request mentioned above, under the property entries_url. This url, when used in a GET request will always return the first page of leaderboard entries.
  2. Every leaderboard entries result will contain properties next and previous. These are optional urls that can be used in conjunction with your access token to retrieve more leaderboard entries.

Working with leaderboard entry url
Once a leaderboard entries url is acquired, you can use it to retrieve sequential pages using the offset parameter. The offset parameter signifies an index from which you would like to receive results.

GET{"leaderboard id"}/entries?offset={"start index"}
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