Chat Message Urls

Chat message URL linking can be enabled by adding to messageurls property to the livelike-chat element.

The chat message url linking works through regex matching. The default regex can be found in the livelike-chat element's messageUrlPatterns property.

Overwriting or adding your own custom regex to the messageUrlPatterns property is possible by setting the property directly.


Web Version 2.8.0+ is required

<livelike-chat roomid="" messageurls></livelike-chat>

 const livelikeChat = document.querySelector('livelike-chat');
 <!-- Overwrite default URL matching regex -->
 livelikeChat.messageUrlPatterns = [/custom regex/]

 <!-- Add your own regex in addition to the default provided URL matching regex -->
 const newPatterns = livelikeChat.messageUrlPatterns;
 newPatterns.push(/custom regex/);
 livelikeChat.messageUrlPatterns = newPatterns;

You can see the running example of how urls look in chat here: