Customizing Chat Input

How to customize a chat room message input

A chat message input can be customized to fit the experience you are trying to build. Some example use cases include:

  • Influencer Chat: Only certain users are allowed to send messages, everyone else can only receive them. Commentators, coaches, past players, or other influential members of the community can have a conversation while everyone else can watch and react.
  • Conversion CTA: Logged out users get a modified UI provided by the integrators that prompts them to log in or sign up so that they can participate.


Minimum Supported SDK Version

iOS: 2.7
Android: 2.5
Web: 1.25.

Toggling Chat Input

If you are using the ChatViewController on iOS, you can toggle the chat input view visibility. A similar toggle exists for Android.

class SomeClass {
    let chatViewController = ChatViewController()
    func someMethod() {
        chatViewController.isChatInputVisible = true // Hides the chat input
* use this boolean available on ChatView to hide message input to build use case like influencer chat 
livelikeChatView.isChatInputVisible = false
<!-- The hidecomposer attribute hides the chat input -->
<livelike-chat roomid="example-room-id" hidecomposer>

Customizing Chat Input

Instead of using the ChatViewController, you can opt to add the Message scroll list and/or the Chat Input View to your layout separately.

class SomeViewController: UIViewController {
    let contentSession: ContentSession
    let messageViewController = MessageViewController()
    let chatInputView = ChatInputView()
    override func viewDidLoad() {
        messageViewController.view.translatesAutoresizingMaskIntoConstraints = false
        chatInputView.translatesAutoresizingMaskIntoConstraints = false
        // apply ui constraints
<!-- Example: Replace input with disabled text box, replace after user signs up or logs in -->
<livelike-chat roomid="example-room-id">
  <livelike-chat-composer slot="composer">
    <input slot="body" placeholder="Log in or sign up to chat" disabled>
    <div slot="send" hidden></div>