Manage sponsorships based on your business requirement using sponsor resource.
A sponsor is an object that is created on the Application level in the Producer Site. Sponsor maintains a many to many relationship with Programs and Chatrooms which can be managed in the Sponsors section of your application in the Producer Site


How to setup a sponsor?

Refer Creating a sponsor documentation. Based on your requirement, you can either link a sponsor to program, chatroom or widgets from our producer suite.

Retrieving Application Sponsor(s)

Get list of all sponsors created in a given application

API Definition: getApplicationSponsors

import { getApplicationSponsors } from "@livelike/javascript"

.then((paginatedSponsors) => {

Retrieving Program Sponsor(s)

Now that you have linked sponsor(s) to a program, you will now be able to retrieve sponsor information through our SDK interfaces.

API Definition: getProgramSponsors

import { getProgramSponsors } from "@livelike/javascript"

  programId: "<program id>"
}).then(paginatedSponsors => console.log(paginatedSponsors.results))

Retrieving Chatroom Sponsor(s)

Retrieve chatroom sponsors

API Definition: getChatRoomSponsors

import { getChatRoomSponsors } from "@livelike/javascript"

  roomId: "room-id"
}).then(paginatedSponsors => console.log(paginatedSponsors.results))

Retrieving Widget Sponsor(s)

Widgets sponsors list is part of widget payload that could be retrieved using getWidget or getWidgets API.

Refer sponsors property in IWidgetPayload