Deleting chat messages on Web

Delete Message API


Minimum Supported SDK Version:

Web: 2.36.0

You can use deleteMessage API to delete a chat message

  roomId: "ad56-43hjsf-4214n-gdsk",
  messageId: "dsaf-fdsafkj-dfas132jnc-423"
}).then((res) => console.log(res))

Disable delete message

You can also disable delete message functionality in stock UI component

// query livelike-chat element and remove "deletemessages" attribute
const livelikeChatNode = document.querySelector('livelike-chat');

Remove delete message confirmation

You can also disable showing delete message confirmation modal

// set confirmActions property of livelike-chat element
const livelikeChatNode = document.querySelector('livelike-chat');

// filter out Delete message confirmation type from DEFAULT_CONFIRM_ACTIONS array
livelikeChatNode.confirmActions = LiveLike.DEFAULT_CONFIRM_ACTIONS
.filter(action => action !== LiveLike.ConfirmationType.DELETE_MESSAGE);

// to hide showing confirmation for any actions in future
livelikeChatNode.confirmActions = [];

Custom confirmation renderer

You can completely customise how the confirmation modal is rendered.

function customConfirmationRenderer({type, message, onAccept, onReject}){
 // return DOM node

const livelikeChatNode = document.querySelector('livelike-chat');
livelikeChatNode.confirmationRenderer = customConfirmationRenderer