Popup Widgets

Android guide to Popup Widgets

The WidgetPopupView is a presentation mode provided by the EngagementSDK.
It is a pop-up style presenter that displays realtime widgets from the Producer one-at-a-time.
Users have a limited time to engage with each widget before it goes away to make room for the next one

A swipe to dismiss gesture will be applied to all widgets allowing users to only engage with the widgets they care most about

Getting started


  • Add widget view to your xml layout
  • Create a content session Session Management to start displayed real time widgets
  • Attach the session to the widget view


val contentSession = engagementSDK.createContentSession("<program-id >")

Instantiate Widget From Widget Object

If you are getting the Livelike widget object from our method(fetchWidgetDetails) then you can use it to show in the widgetView by using the method displayWidget.


widget_view.displayWidget(sdk,livelikeWidget )

Use custom widgets for pop-up

For custom widget LiveLikeWidgetViewFactory implementation has to initialized on the widget view


widget_view.widgetViewFactory = object : LiveLikeWidgetViewFactory {
                    override fun createCheerMeterView(viewModel: CheerMeterWidgetmodel): View? {
                         return CustomCheerMeter(this@ExoPlayerActivity).apply {
                            cheerMeterWidgetModel = viewModel

                    override fun createAlertWidgetView(alertWidgetModel: AlertWidgetModel): View? {
                        return null

Apply theme

In order to apply theme for the widget, you need to call applyTheme on the widget view