Chat Rooms

Create chat room

This method creates a new chat room with the ability to pass in two optional arguments, title and visibility. Default visibility for the chatroom is members. It returns a Promise that resolves the chat room object.

import { createChatRoom } from '@livelike/javascript'

const chatroom = await createChatRoom({title: "myTitle", visibility: "everyone"})

Get chat room

Returns the chatRoom object using the roomId passed in the arguments. It returns a Promise that resolves the chatRoom object containing roomId and title.

import { getChatRoom } from '@livelike/javascript'

const chatroom = await getChatRoom({roomId: "<Chat Room ID>"})

Get available chat rooms

Returns all available chat rooms in an application as a paginated response with results as an array of chat room details.

import { getChatRooms } from '@livelike/javascript'

const chatrooms = await getChatRooms()
  .then(paginatedResponse => paginatedResponse.results)

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