In case you feel the need to use our backend REST API due to some extreme edge cases that our SDK API doesn't support, you can use request API that is also internally used by our SDK to make any backend request.


request API lets you easily make a backend request without needing to manually create needed endpoints with set of query parameters, add authorisation token in a given format, etc.

  path: '/user-quest-rewards/',
  // queryParams could be list of string or just string
  // list of string is useful to include query params with same key
  // for eg: <url>?fruit=apple&fruit=orange
  queryParams: {
    "user_quest_id": [ "user-quest-id-1", "user-quest-id-2", "user-quest-id-3" ],
    "reward_status": LiveLike.QuestRewardStatus.CLAIMED
  method: LiveLike.HTTP_METHOD.GET,
  headers: {
    // any custom headers to be included
}).then(res => console.log(res))


In case you need to pass your own authorisation token, you can use createUserProfileAuthor createPersonalApiAuth API that takes a token string as argument and returns authorisation value


const accessToken = LiveLike.userProfile.access_token;
    auth: LiveLike.createUserProfileAuth(accessToken),
  	// rest of the request args 
}).then(res => console.log(res))


Be extra careful when defining and accessing personal API token, for eg: do not commit personal API token in code base and inject it using environment variables

const personApiToken = ENV.PERSONAL_API_TOKEN;
    auth: LiveLike.createPersonalApiAuth(personApiToken),
  	// rest of the request args 
}).then(res => console.log(res))