Registered Links

Registered Links allow marketing and editorial teams to more effectively collaborate within LiveLike. Once a link has been registered it can be attached to various resources, like badges. Some use cases include:

  • Sending traffic to affiliate or referral links
  • Managing click-through and impression URLs for sponsors
  • Implementing custom calls to action

A registered link consists of the following properties:

  1. The ID is the unique identifier of the link
  2. The Name is the label that will be shown when attaching links to other resources like badges and widgets
  3. The URL is the target of the link

Creating Registered Links

Registered links can be managed from inside the CMS.

  1. To register a link, click on Registered Links menu item on the left hand side panel in the CMS
  2. You will be presented with a list of already created Registered Links, which can be modified or deleted
  3. To create a Registered Link, click on the + New Registered Link button on the top right hand side
  4. A prompt will be presented where you can fill in the new link's details and create a new registered link

Utilizing Registered Links

Once a registered link is created it can be associated with other resources. Integrations are able to read registered link data attached to resources that have links associated with them.

let sdk: EngagementSDK

// Working with Registered Links in the Badge resource
sdk.badges.getApplicationBadges(page: .first) { result in
  switch result {
  case .failure(let error):
    print("Error: \(error)"            
  case .success(let badges):
    if let firstBadge = badges.items.first {
      print("Registered Links amount: \(firstBadge.registeredLinks.count)")
  object :
  	LiveLikeCallback<LLPaginatedResult<Badge>>() {
    	override fun onResponse(result: LLPaginatedResult<Badge>?, error: String?) {
        	println("Registered Links amount: ${result.result.size()}")
.then(res =>
  res.results.forEach(badge => console.log('registered link for badge', badge.registered_links))