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Widget Animations Tutorial

Some widgets fire events after a user interacts with them, giving developers the opportunity to add custom feedback depending on the user's interaction.


Web SDK version 1.8 required


As a first example, we will add a results event listener that plays an animation when someone gets a quiz correct:

const widgets = document.getElementById('widgets')

widgets.addEventListener('results', function (ev) {
  switch ( {
    case 'text-quiz':
    case 'image-quiz':
      if (ev.detail.result === 'correct') {
        playCorrectQuizResultAnimation() // Not provided by SDK
<livelike-widgets id="widgets" programid={programid}></livelike-widgets>

This works because the quiz widgets emit a results event when the correct answer is revealed. If the user was correct, it plays a custom animation not provided by the SDK.

Supported Widgets

The Text Quiz, Image Quiz, Text Prediction Follow-up, and Image Prediction Follow-up widgets fire events that allow developers to customize the feedback to correct and incorrect answers. The exact list of widget kinds are:

  • text-quiz
  • image-quiz
  • text-prediction-follow-up
  • image-prediction-follow-up

The Results Event

The results event has a detail property containing the result of the user's interaction with the widget. The detail object contains a single property named result that will be either "correct" or "incorrect". The results event will not fire if the user did not interact with the widget.

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Widget Animations Tutorial

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