User Presence

The presence service enables developers to show who is online and who is not. In addition, it provides developers a way to observe and handle when users go online or offline.

Presence Concepts

  • Channel - a channel is an ambiguous location dependent on your use case. A channel can represent your entire application or smaller areas of your application (ie. a friends list, a chat room, a video, a blog post, etc.) User’s can be present or not present within a channel.
  • Presence Event - a presence event is an event that is published to observers representing a user joining or leaving a channel.
  • Joining a Channel - a user joining a channel marks them present in the channel
  • Leaving a Channel - a user leaving a channel marks them no longer present in the channel
  • Subscribing to a Channel - when subscribed to a channel enables a developer to observe Presence Events on the channel
  • Unsubscribing from a Channel - when unsubscribed from a channel, Presence Events can no longer be observed



React.js based demo on stack blitz env, fork the env to playground with the demo

Retrieving a User's Presence

Use getPresenceUserChannels API to check which all channels a user is currently present on.

API Type Definition: getPresenceUserChannels

import { getPresenceUserChannels } from "@livelike/javascript"

  userProfileId: "user-id" 
}).then(res => console.log(res))

Retrieving Presence Channel Users

Use getPresenceChannelUsers to get list of users present in a channel.

API Type Definition: getPresenceChannelUsers


3 second response cache time.

When retrieving list of users in a given channel, there a response cache time of 3 seconds

import { getPresenceChannelUsers } from "@livelike/javascript"

  channel: "test-channel"
}).then(({ channelUsers }) => console.log(channelUsers)) 

Observing Channel's Presence Events

To observe a channel’s presence events, including when a user joins, leaves or has their attributes set, you could use addPresenceListener passing a listener callback that gets invoked whenever such events are received.


Possible Presence Events

  • join - a user has joined a channel and became present
  • leave - a user has left a channel and is no longer present
  • timeout - a user’s presence in a channel has timed out
  • updateAttributes - a user’s presence attributes have changed

API Type Definition: addPresenceListener
API Type Definition: removePresenceListener

import { addPresenceListener, removePresenceListener } from "@livelike/javascript"

function onPresenceListener({event, message}){
  // event would be one of the above mentioned presence Event i.e PresenceActionEvent enum

// To add a listener callback
addPresenceListener({ channel: "test-channel"}, onPresenceListener)

// to remove a listener callback
removePresenceListener({ channel: "test-channel"}, onPresenceListener)

Set a User’s Presence

To set a User’s Presence in a channel, use the joinPresenceChannel API. To remove a User’s Presence in a channel, use the leavePresenceChannel API.

API Type Definition: joinPresenceChannel
API Type Definition: leavePresenceChannel

import { joinPresenceChannel, leavePresenceChannel } from "@livelike/javascript"

// To join a user presence channel
joinPresenceChannel({ channel: "test-channel"})

// To leave a user presence channel
leavePresenceChannel({ channel: "test-channel"})

Presence Attributes

Presence attributes enable developers to set or get key/pair values associated to a user's presence in a channel. This functionality allows developers to expand on a user's presence even further by providing additional information about the user's presence.
Some examples of presence attributes are to add location, mood, game score.


About Presence Attributes

  • The presence attributes data is not persisted anywhere. When the user disconnects, the presence attributes data is lost. If you require user's presence attributes to be restored on reconnect, be sure to cache that data locally.
  • Setting presence attributes overwrites any previously set data for a user on a channel.
  • The user must join a channel before getting or setting attributes.

Setting User’s Presence Attributes

You can set a user’s Presence attributes by using the setPresenceUserAttributes method. Presence attributes is a dictionary of string keys and values and are on a per-channel basis.

API Type Definition: setPresenceUserAttributes

import { setPresenceUserAttributes } from "@livelike/javascript"

   channel: "test-channel",
   attributes: {
     mood: "happy"

Getting User’s Presence Attributes

Use getPresenceUserAttributes to get a user’s presence attributes in a channel.

API Type Definition: getPresenceUserAttributes

import { getPresenceUserAttributes } from "@livelike/javascript"

   channel: "test-channel",
   userProfileId: "test-user-id"
}).then(attributes => console.log(attributes))