Stickers are images or animations that can be used inside of chat messages. They can be customized to match an app's look and feel.

Sticker Packs

Stickers are collected into packs that can usually have a shared theme or art style. Usually packs are focused on particular concepts such as:

  • Players
  • Teams
  • Leagues
  • Crowd Reactions
  • Personalities

Each pack has its own icon that will help people find it in their soft keyboards.

Many packs can be set up for an app, and then chats in that app can be configured individually to use different combinations of packs, or they can all share the same packs.

One chat can use many different packs, and different chats can use different combinations of available packs.

Custom Stickers

Custom stickers can be created by your own team, following the Chat Asset Guidelines.


Custom stickers are also opportunities for brand partnerships and sponsorships. LiveLike can deliver analytics and reports that provide insights into when and how users interact with stickers.