WidgetModel is the data layer class that allows the integrator to use the APIs of LiveLike associated widgets.

Create WidgetModel

In Order to create the widget Model

Create using LiveLikeWidget Model class:

final widgetModel = await session.fetchWidgetModel(<LiveLikeWidget class instance>);


Components of WidgetModel:

The instance of the livelikeWidget class which is used to create the widget model, contains the data of the widgets

Vote Api
In Order to vote on a particular option, the voting method is used, it contains optionId and magnitude , magnitude is used for sending vote for Image Slider Widget, and for the rest of the widget the optionId is sent.

widgetModel.vote(magnitude: <value>);
widgetModel.vote(optionId: <value>)

Vote Result Stream
In Order to receive the vote count for options associated with a widget, the voteResultStream is used. It returns the instance of VoteCountResult class, which contains the option id,vote count,magnitude values

widgetModel?.voteCountResultStream.listen((event) {


The dispose method is used to clear and release the instances associated to widgetModel.