Building an Alert Widget


Minimum SDK Version


This is a guide on building a custom Alert Widget. For an overview of the Custom Widget UI system see Custom Widget UI.


Considerations for WidgetPopupViewController

If you plan on using your Custom Widget UI with the WidgetPopupViewController see Using Custom Widget UI with the WidgetPopupViewController


API Reference

Alert Widget Data
The Alert Widget Model provides data about the Alert Widget such as the title text, content text, a url to an image and more.

The model also provides metadata about the widget such as the Date that it was created or the timeout duration set by the Producer.

Open Link URL
An Alert Widget has the ability to include a link to a url. To open the link included in the Alert Widget, you can use the openLinkUrl() method.

func CustomAlertWidget: UIViewController {
  private let model: AlertWidgetModel
  init(model: AlertWidgetModel) {
    self.model = model
    super.init(nibName: nil, bundle: nil)
  // Opening the Alert Widget link
  // <UIButton>.addTarget(self, action: #selector(showLink), for: .touchUpInside) 
  @objc func showLink() {