Comment Board Ban

A tool for the moderators to ban users on a board.

Create Comment Board Ban

Moderator can ban a profile

  1. profile_id: required,
  2. comment_board_id: optional, if not provided, the profile will be banned from all the comment boards in the application, provided the moderator has sufficient permissions to do that.
  3. description: optional, this field can be used to provide additional information about a ban or the reason for banning a user.

API Definition: createCommentBoardBan

import { createCommentBoardBan } from "@livelike/javascript"

  profileId: '<profile_id>',
  commentBoardId: '<comment_board_id>',
  description: '<Reason for banning>',
}).then((commentBoardBan) => console.log(commentBoardBan));

List Comment Board Bans

Get a list of comment board bans in an Application. Each comment board ban resource represents restrictive access to the comment board for a given user profile.

  1. As a producer or privileged user I can see all the comment-board-ban-profile from the application
  2. As a moderator, I can get a list of all comment-board-ban-profile for the comment boards where I am a moderator
  3. As a normal profile, I will get a list of comment-board-ban-profile for myself only.

API Definition: getCommentBoardBans

import { getCommentBoardBans } from "@livelike/javascript"

  profileId: '<profile_id>',
  commentBoardId: '<comment_board_id>',
}).then((paginatedResponse) => console.log(paginatedResponse));

Get Comment Board Ban

Get Ban details by providing a ban id.

API Definition: getCommentBoardBan

import { getCommentBoardBan } from "@livelike/javascript"

  commentBoardBanId: '<comment_board_ban_id>',
}).then((commentBoardBan) => console.log(commentBoardBan));

Delete Comment Board Ban

Remove a ban by providing a ban id.

API Definition: deleteCommentBoardBan

import { deleteCommentBoardBan } from "@livelike/javascript"

  commentBoardBanId: '<comment_board_ban_id>',