The Engagement SDK allows you to hook into our analytic events, making it possible for you to pass through the analytics data to your own provider.


You can subscribe to analytics events by conforming to the EngagementAnalyticsDelegate. In the code snippet below, we've included potential implementations with the most common analytic frameworks.


For more details on what types can be expected in the data dictionary, please see our API reference. Please take note to ensure that the data is compatible with your chosen analytic solution.

extension VideoViewController: EngagementAnalyticsDelegate {
    func engagementAnalyticsEvent(name: String, withData data: [String: Any]) {
        print("EngagementAnalyticsDelegate: Name->\(name), data->\(data)")

        // Localytics
        Localytics.tagEvent(name, attributes: data)

        // Google Analytics - Firebase
        Analytics.logEvent(name, parameters: data)
        // Mixpanel
        Mixpanel.mainInstance().track(event: name, properties: data)

And then setting the analyticsDelegate in the desired class:

var sdk: EngagementSDK

sdk.analyticsDelegate = self

Available Events

The following events with relevant properties are available on iOS:

Keyboard Selected Fired every time the user opens the keyboard. Has a "Keyboard Type" property to represent "Sticker" or "Standard" keyboard.
Message Sent Fired each time user sends a message.
Widget Dismissed Fired each time user dismisses a widget by swiping or pressing a close button. This does not apply to Custom Widgets or Widgets in a Custom Presentation.
Widget Displayed Fired when a Widget is displayed. For Default Widgets this happens whenever a Widget's viewDidLoad() is called. For Custom Widgets this will be called whenever registerImpression() is called.
Widget Interacted Fired at the end of widget interaction. Includes a "Number Of Taps" property that counts the number of times a user taps on interactable elements in the widget. This does not apply to Custom Widgets.
Widget EngagedFired when a vote or answer is submitted on a Widget.
Widget Became InteractiveFired when the Widget UI allows the user to interact with it

See the Analytics Event Glossary for the full list of available analytics events.

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