User Profile Badges

A user profile badge is a badge that is linked to a user profile. A user profile can have multiple badges that can be earned or awarded. Once a badge is earned or awarded it stays linked to the user profile regardless of any changes done to the badge.


How to setup a badge?

Refer Utilizing Badge documentation.

Retrieve badges earned or awarded to a user

All the badges that have been earned or awarded to a user profile can be retrieved using the code samples below

API Definition: getProfileBadges

import { getProfileBadges } from '@livelike/javascript'

  profileId: "xxxxxx"
}).then(paginatedResponse => console.log(paginatedResponse.results))

Retrieving user's progress towards earning a badge

A user's progress towards a badge can be retrieved using the code examples below. Since a single badge could be setup to be earned in different ways, multiple badge progressions are linked to a single Badge.

API Definition: getBadgeProgress

import { getBadgeProgress } from '@livelike/javascript'

  profileId: "<profile id>",
  badgeIds: ["xxxx", "xxxx"]
}).then(res => console.log(res))

Retrieving all badges linked to an application

As an integrator you have the ability to retrieve all of the badges linked to an application. The results of this call can be used at a later time to query badge progress by passing badge ID's of interest.

API Definition: getApplicationBadges

import { getApplicationBadges } from '@livelike/javascript'

.then(padinatedResponse => console.log(padinatedResponse.results))

Retrieving all profiles for a given badge

As an integrator you have the ability to retrieve all the profiles who have earned a given badge.

API Definition: getBadgeProfiles

import { getBadgeProfiles } from '@livelike/javascript'

  badgeId: "<badge Id>"
}).then(res => console.log(res))